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About Vascular Surgeon & Vein Doctor

DR.HIMANSHU SHAH (Varicose Vein Consultant)

Varicose vein is now a ays very common problem and affecting about 35% of population and 10% are active patiend present with bleeding,ulcer,exzema and dvt.
I had operated age group from 18 years to 84 years old in all prfoession. In USA and UK varicose patient are treated by vascular radiologis because he knows much beter vascular radiological anatomy under usg guidence and they can also doing interventional so this branch is legaly consider for vascular radiologist also.

I m exclusively doing endovenous laser treatment since last few year in mumbai and a run avaricose vein clinic in few institute like Wockhardt Hospital and Nanavati Hospital.
I had operated more than 150 case of varicose vein in last year.i had my own diode laser machine 1470 is latest advanse machine with train staff. I had operated international patiend also in mumbai.

I m also write article about varicose vein and etiology,prevention,diet,genetic, profession and other topics also. Now a days varicose vein is very serious problem and we are trying to cure such a big proble.


M.B.B.S.,D.M.R.D.radiologist and varicose vein consultant.
D.M.R.D.:passed in june 2002 MCI recognised.

working in conventional and vascular interventional radiology and doppler in irwin hospital jamanagr.

he has pass his mbbs in 1999 from mpshah medical college jamanagar gujarat.


Dr. Himanshu shah – MBBS, DMRD,
Founder & consultat of Dr. Himanshu shah Varicose Vein centre Mumbai.

  • We stated varicose vein centre since last 10 years for a laser treatment of Varicose Vain Eczema Ulcers.
  • Dr. Himanshu Shah is trained in vascular Intervention and practising since 2002 in Mumbai.
  • Dr. Himanshu Shah also chief Varicose Vain consultant at Wockhardt Hospital and last Five Years.
  • Dr. Himanshu Shah’s taking his Qualification from mci recognised m.p. shah medical colleges saurashtra university Gujarat.